Startup Accelerators are essential for some innovative business ideas to become relevant in the market.

Most Startups are born from the identification of some latent pain in some market segment.

From the mapping of this pain (or pains), solutions are then created with the intention of improving processes and automating manual routines.

However, the attitude of identifying pain and creating solutions, however complex it may be, is not enough for the Startup to achieve enough visibility to be seen by startup accelerator companies.

It is highly necessary to look for ways in which your innovative idea reaches the right investor at the right time and, above all, that it is properly “designed” to show its real market value.

Singular Spark has this article with insights for entrepreneurs who want to scale even greater visibility for their solutions.

What is a Startup Accelerator?

Startup Accelerator is a company that drives the growth of new players in the area of technological innovation through some business actions.

To boost a Startup, the accelerator company can perform:

  • mentorships
  • Financial investiment
  • Startup referral and connection with new partners
  • Provision of management and service execution tools

The average time an accelerator retains the Startup in this acceleration phase is 8 months.

Why does a Startup need accelerator and investor companies?

Regardless of the area of activity, any enterprise in Brazil runs serious risks of canceling its activities until the first 5 years of operation in the market.

This statistic is frequently studied by SEBRAE, for example, an agency responsible for several initiatives to encourage micro and small entrepreneurs.

The truth is that, even with great ideas and good intentions, not all companies survive as a matter of management and strategic business vision.

To survive, a company needs much more than the business rule in which it operates.

Small entrepreneurs (Startups) deal with several challenges, such as:

  • High costs of certain essential tools for the execution of the works
  • Financial management (fixed and variable cost control and cash flow)
  • People management
  • Investment in physical structure
  • Investment in Marketing & Advertising Strategies
  • Investments in legal advice

In this sense, having administrative or financial support is essential for some startups to remain in full development of their solutions.

From mentoring, for example, startup accelerators shorten paths for new entrepreneurs through guidelines (advice) related to investments, that is, what to do and what not to do in the world of entrepreneurship .

What is the difference between startup accelerators and incubators

Accelerators select startups that have market potential, regardless of the niche in which they operate: Finance, Agribusiness, Health & Aesthetics, Public Services, etc.

Incubators are companies that bring together startups or independent professionals who are in the process of developing solutions related to the same business niche.

While incubators encourage initiatives, including offering physical space and equipment, startup accelerators are solely responsible for the strategic drive of the business.

How to become relevant in the face of Startup Accelerators

Having an innovative idea is not enough. Every day people launch new solutions to the most diverse problems that humanity faces.

One more idea in a world of accelerated creativity is how to become just another number.

The search for relevance requires a series of practices that we will mention in this section.

Structure your communication

Those who are very involved with the technical part of an innovation do not necessarily know how to communicate such a solution to the general public.

People who will have first contact with your business will need to adapt to your language in a linear and procedural way, that is, they will need to go through a journey of knowledge that involves:

  • understand who you are
  • What do you offer as a solution?
  • What pain do you intend to solve
  • What are your technical or scientific skills to operate
  • Know what benefits they will get from your solution
  • Knowing which obstacles they will overcome from your solution (add value) in the short, medium and long term.

Your communication will need to be ready shortly before the product launch. Therefore, you will need to adjust:

  • Your visual identity
  • Your brand manual (tone and voice, persona, vision, social responsibility, values, goals)
  • Your social media (networks through which you will have direct contact with users)
  • Your Website (Highest Authority Generating Domain for a Business)
  • Your presentation materials (physical or virtual)

Communication is fully linked to your marketing strategy. It is important to remember that it is the way of communicating that delights your potential customer.

If the enchantment process fails, you will certainly not close the door to the outside world, causing your idea to be misunderstood by people.

Stay tuned for Startup Accelerators notices

There are startup accelerator companies that carry out selective processes to admit new startups into their acceleration environment.

It stands out who is attentive and prepared for the application and also for the internal stages of selection.

Participate in networking groups and events in your area of expertise

You need to be in the right place at the right time and talk to the right people. This is the real meaning of networking , which is nothing more than the corporate relationship with people from different areas.

The purpose of networking is to expand opportunities by connecting with key people and, in addition, exchanging experiences and referrals.

This networking network is wide. You can connect with other startups, participating from Whatsapp groups to technology events or conferences related to the areas in which you operate.

Other interesting foci of participation are the entrepreneurship centers in the city where your company is located.

In general, the nuclei and associations of entrepreneurs in the municipalities hold events that promote networking .

Have a consistent and well-founded business plan

A business plan is a document capable of supporting and justifying your action in the market you want to prospect.

A consistent business plan maps out different areas, such as:

  • economic,
  • financial,
  • legal/bureaucratic,
  • product viability
  • market research
  • among other sections necessary for you to be able to plan your performance and your goals.

This study will make your startup more grounded and coherent with the market , that is, it is not just an innovative and random idea, but a planned initiative that takes into account from economic aspects of the national scenario to delimitations on how the solution will work. operate in the market.

A business plan helps you establish your persona , that is, the representation of your target audience, which is a very important step before developing any solution.

In addition to all these aspects, the business plan is responsible for formatting a work methodology and a schedule of actions so that the steps taken by startups are consciously premeditated, thus avoiding possible risks .

A well-founded business plan will give you and your team greater certainty about the direction in which you are heading, and this is essential for everyone to know how to “Defend” the central idea of the solution, and thus have greater power of argumentation in the face of a process. selection of an accelerator company.

Join Abstartups (Brazilian Startup Association)

Being part of Abstartups is relevant, as the association itself is able to put your startup in the focus of Networking, in addition to connecting you more easily to companies that really aim to invest in new ideas related to innovation.

If you still don’t know about this association, we’ve created specific content with everything you need to know about Abstartups .

It’s not all about practical knowledge of the solution

As with all these insights presented here, we can say that not everything boils down to full knowledge of the solution you want to present to the market.

A startup needs to be surrounded by solid business principles so that its product becomes visible, not only to the final consumer, but also to the eyes of startup accelerator companies that aim to invest in the future of new innovation players.
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