If you have landed on this content about Opening a company in Europe , it is because you are involved in the topic Internationalization of companies, that is, companies that want to expand their business on international soil.

Doing business abroad is an act that already has a name, international relations, which is quite different from opening a company from scratch in a totally different country and culture.

Starting a business in Europe has been an objective pursued for “N” reasons, among them, the existence of a large number of developed countries, logistics facilitated by the proximity between one nation and another, a pluricultural continent and, mainly, a currency valued all over the world. .

However, given a variety of countries in the EU (European Union), which is the best nation to expand a business that is already well established in Brazil?

Our audience is made up of a majority of Brazilian Startups , that is, technology companies in the growth phase that are eager to sell their services internationally.

For this reason, we created this article to clarify important details about which country to choose.

Open a company in Europe with Singular Spark Consulting

Singular Spark , is a consulting company that has served as a bridge between Brazilian entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Europe.

Through our planning and research methods, we put entrepreneurs in an environment of intense study to evaluate data that can support such an important decision, that of internationalization.

For this, it is extremely necessary for our team to be knowledgeable about the different economic environments in Europe.

Evaluating the different commercial, economic, cultural realities, among other aspects, we created over the last few weeks a series of articles that compare European countries in the “Entrepreneurship” category.

To facilitate your access, we list here:

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Why did we choose Spain?

There are a number of reasons why Singular Spark defined Spain as the ideal territory to carry out this bridging process for Brazilian Startups .

The Spanish territory is very rich in culture, technological insertion, in addition to being a member country of the EU.

These are just starting points that mark the relevance of Spain in the European context when it comes to Opening a company in Europe.

We separate below other attractions of Spain that will make you see the real value of the country when it comes to internationalization .

We selected a video from the Habla Galera channel that talks about the experience of being an entrepreneur in Spain:

Source: Habla Galera Channel – Youtube – Thiago

The language barrier

Starting a business in Europe involves starting a business in an unknown culture, or at least different from ours, is already a challenge.

People react differently according to cultural differences, so the adaptation period is complex on several axes.

However, one of the most difficult axes is the language itself.

Among the countries that have a favorable environment for internationalization, we have:

  • France
  • United States (although not in Europe, it is one of the main destinations for entrepreneurs)
  • UK
  • Sweden

However, if we are going to compare languages, all the countries above have languages with grammatical structures that require a longer learning period.

Spanish, as it is a root language similar to Portuguese, is a much easier language to learn, thus facilitating the process of starting a business in Europe .

In this way, you reduce the impact of adaptation by placing your business in a country that scores positively in the “communication” category.

Economic support for Startups

After the period of crisis faced by Europe in the last 10 years, the Spanish people had to reinvent themselves in professional terms, due to high unemployment rates.

The great entrepreneurial independence achieved by the Spaniards strengthened the Freelancer culture in the country, leading many professionals to be independent service providers.

This wave of entrepreneurship popularized Coworkings in the country, as most professionals gave up large investments in physical structures for their offices.

This professional relationship model further boosted Networking in the country, opening space for the creation of Startups.

Aware of this economic movement, the Spanish government created a series of benefits to support Startups , in order to help new players in the Spanish market.

Something similar happened in Brazil in 2021 when the Startup Law was created to benefit companies from this business model linked to innovation.

Currently, Spain has credit lines to support technology companies, exponential networking events that have attracted investors and startup accelerators from all over the world.

This scenario has been growing every year, making Spain a country increasingly coveted by companies wishing to do business in Europe.

Meeting of major technology players

Madrid, capital of Spain, is an exponential city in Europe not only because it is a capital, but also because it has great players in the field of technology.

A piece of Silicon Valley is now present in this great city. Google has few campuses in the world, and one of them is located in Madrid.

Companies like this attract a number of professionals specialized in the technological field, which further increases the level of networking in the country .

In addition, Spain also has technology parks such as El Parque , located in Valencia.

This technology park brings together more than 600 companies from the most different niches, further expanding the possibility of partnerships.

These are companies that operate in different areas of the market, in particular:

  • Telecommunications
  • services
  • machines
  • electronics
Open a company in Europe - Paterna Technological Park in Valencia - Spain
Image source: Paterna Technological Park Official Site – Valencia/Spain

Speaking of Valencia, we have prepared the next sections to cover more details about this city that has stood out in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Valencia in the focus of technology

If you know Valencia just because it hosts one of the biggest digital events in the world, we have to say that there’s a lot more to talk about.

Valencia is recognized by the European technology market for the Valencia Digital Summit event that every year attracts professionals, startup accelerators, large technology companies and lovers of the segment.

Combining this with the fact that the largest universities in Europe are also concentrated in the city, it can be said that Valencia has great prominence in terms of qualified labor.

This great intellectual meeting in the city has raised the level of research, putting Spain on the innovation map .

Quality of life in Valencia

The quality of life in Valencia has set an example around the world. It is no wonder that the city has won the title of Healthiest City in the World two years in a row.

The ranking led by Valencia groups the safest cities, with the highest life expectancy, and with the highest rates of investment in health in the world.

All this in line with the landscape of the place has led the city to be a favorite of digital nomads, independent professionals who provide digital services without the need to have a physical office.

In a post-pandemic context that has led many entrepreneurs to reassess the need to maintain their physical structures, many people are migrating to places with better structure for quality of life in order to balance entrepreneurship and health.

Spain can be the bridge between your company and Europe

Have you ever imagined how to open a company in Spain , and from there carry out transactions with the European market?

The fact that your company is set up in the European Union can make it much easier to close new business, as well as increase your authority in the market .

However, more than just dreaming of starting a business abroad , it is necessary to plan and act .

For this reason, Singular Spark has positioned itself as a “friendly” company for Brazilian entrepreneurs who are eager to internationalize their business ideas.

We invite you to learn about our consulting methods for internationalization, as well as our strategic planning focused on results and safe investments.

We want to be part of your dream to undertake abroad. Count on the expertise and professionalism of our team.