The USA (United States of America) is undoubtedly one of the first places to be searched by people who want to internationalize .

This is because the country has continuously established itself as a highlight in terms of technology and innovation .

As one of the sources of intelligence in several areas, the US has “dictated” many rules when it comes to software (SAAS), nanotechnology (robotics), industry 4.0, society 5.0, among many other topics.

However, globalization and the democratization of knowledge “horizontalized” entrepreneurs from various niches, causing other countries to enter the map of the best destinations to open or expand a company .

Based on this, and with all the experience we have acquired over the years in the international business field, we asked some questions:

  • Is the US really the best destination?
  • Is the American market not saturated with people with ideas that clash?
  • Could it be that the American public has not been the target of accelerated innovations that do not mature?

The purpose of this article is precisely to clarify comparative data between the USA and Spain, aiming to confront advantages and disadvantages between the countries.

This is another piece of content from our Spain vs the world series, where we compare the Spanish entrepreneurial reality with that of the countries most coveted by startups that want to internationalize.

Once again, the central idea of our content is not to diminish or belittle the potential of the countries compared, but to provide real information for you, the reader, to draw your conclusions.

Shall we go to the comparisons then?

Doing Business in the United States of America

As mentioned above, the US has become a reference in the world, since most of the ideas that reach the masses today were born in the country.

Proof of this is that you, reader, probably have some famous icons on your smartphone like Instagram, Whatsapp and Amazon, right?

One of the places that has made the land of Tio San more popular is Silicon Valley itself, a Californian city that is home to the largest technology companies in the world.

American universities

In addition, the country stands out for having the most renowned universities on the world stage, such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale.

These institutions train thousands of qualified professionals for today’s most difficult challenges.

This has been an attraction for those who need up-to-date workforce with the best practices of the American and world market.

The Dream of Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

Have you ever dreamed of waking up with the California sun on your face and doing a live with your company’s followers there in Shoreline Park (Silicon Valley)?

Okay, but have you ever stopped to research the cost of living in the city , mainly related to real estate?

An article published in Veja , in 2020, states that for a family to live well in the city, an annual income of at least 1 million dollars would be ideal, in addition, rentals in Silicon Valley are among the most expensive in the world.

But calm down, not only Silicon lives the Founder. The US has thousands of other cities.

Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Carolina and Montana are also on the map as iconic cities for entrepreneurs.

One of the advantages of opening a company on American soil is the low bureaucracy. Only with a valid passport can you open your company in the USA. That’s right.

As an immigrant, even without having gone through the legalization process, it is possible to open your own company and earn money.

However, this is very common for those who intend to work with the provision of physical services , mainly related to:

  • construction,
  • cleaning,
  • delivery
  • among other functions necessary for the daily routine of people.

Entrepreneurship in the field of technology

In the technology area, the market is very competitive.

As one of the main destinations for internationalization, companies from all over the world settle in the country to sell their digital services.

Regarding Europe, when starting in the US, depending on your product, your target audience may be limited to the American population.

In Europe, after the European Union (EU), the bridge between countries makes it possible to expand your audience and make your product visible to different countries and cultures.

And those who understand business know that having a greater mix of countries in the portfolio reduces the impacts of the risks of your product.

Doing Business in Europe: Discover Spain

Migrating to Europe, or opening a business on European soil may seem difficult, due to the fact that the distance is a little longer, however, there are several attractions that you would need to weigh in order to make your decision.

As we stated earlier, being in Europe gives you the advantage of being in front of the world’s biggest potentials in the business.

The European Union provides proximity between countries in terms of transactions, and this is a great attraction for those who undertake in the field of services.

Spain in the focus of entrepreneurship

In addition to being one of the countries that has the most government incentives for entrepreneurship, especially with regard to technology, Spain has been considered one of the most connected cities in Europe and the world.

The more people connected to the internet, the more the target audience of companies that live on digital products increases.

The internet of things (IoT – Internet of Things) combined with artificial intelligence is coming out of the Business (business technology) bubble and is entering the facilitation of people’s daily lives, whether with:

  • Mobility (transport)
  • Food Services (delivery)
  • Streaming (video platforms)
  • Education (courses and training – EAD)
  • Bureaucracy (online government services)

This migration, currently called Society 5.0, has awakened the need for entrepreneurs to create solutions for people’s daily lives.

Spain as a focus for Startups

All have followed the crisis experienced by Europe in recent years, but few have followed the step of resilience that Spain has taken to overcome the impacts of this crisis.

The country stands out for its recovery, precisely because the increase in the number of Freelancers has grown exponentially, due to the high unemployment rates brought about by the crisis.

This increase in the number of independent professionals has created a favorable ecosystem for technology companies, as the number of technology parks has increased, as well as the number of coworking environments.

Valencia, for example, is a Spanish city that hosts the Startup Summit, one of the largest technology events in the world that addresses the latest in digital media.

In the next topic, we’ll talk more about Valencia, the Spanish unicorn that has conquered the Digital Nomads.

What Spain has to do with mental health and the famous “Emotional Salary”

In the land of Burnout , quality of life is king. Unfortunately, we’ve reached this point where people have faced their work environments as a “Block of Life” rather than a place for personal growth.

In May 2022, Zenklub published an article with very worrying information about our Brazilian workers.

Of the 100 million working professionals, 30% were diagnosed with Burnout Syndrome, which is nothing more than a stage of extreme stress due to the load of responsibilities at work, combined with little rest, bad health habits and very low quality indices. of life.

According to the portal, Brazil came to occupy the 2nd position in the ranking of countries that have the most professionals experiencing this type of tension.

There is a lot of talk these days about the term “Emotional Salary”, and despite being criticized by many, it is evident that many people are giving up large salaries to live a simpler life, but with a fairer load of responsibilities.

But, after all, what does this have to do with Spain?

If you don’t already know, Valencia is considered the healthiest city in the world. A survey that evaluated destinations from around the world places Valencia at the top of the rankings, taking into account factors such as:

  • Quality of life
  • Health cost
  • Leisure options
  • Public safety, among many other factors.

It is for this reason that the city has been the target of many Brazilian entrepreneurs, as they have found in the city a possibility to expand their business throughout Europe.

In addition, the city has a stable climate, a coastal landscape, not to mention the main universities installed in the city, which form qualified labor every year.

The Spanish language has also been a major factor of choice for Brazilian CEOs and Founders, as the language closely resembles Portuguese for etymological and historical reasons.


Above all, the best thing to do before making any choice regarding internationalization is to create a business plan.

Also known as an internationalization plan , this document aims to study the country, the culture, in addition to carrying out a Market Fit analysis, to understand whether or not your product fits in the place you want to undertake.

A good plan saves you from making a wrong investment, that’s why Singular Spark, first of all, takes its customers by the hand, carrying out a complete and totally rational plan, that is, totally focused on a business vision.

Undertaking abroad just for ego, or for status is not the best choice. Being on international soil needs to be a well thought out attitude, it needs to make sense, and it needs to be something that actually contributes to the place where you intend to settle.

If you are currently choosing a country and are curious about how to enter the European market, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

If you liked this content, or if you have suggestions about it, feel free to comment and contribute your opinion.