Spain or Germany? What is the best destination for Startups that want to internationalize their business? Startups all over the world have one thing in common which is a desire to grow their businesses and reach people with their technologies.

There comes a time when the need for expansion knocks, causing many CEOs to look to the international market as an outlet for growth. However:

  • Where to start?
  • Which country to choose?
  • What is the best culture?
  • What better weather?
  • Which population is more adherent to my type of business?

With that in mind, we at Singular Spark , a consultancy specializing in the internationalization of companies , decided to address relevant details of European countries here and in the next articles.

The central idea is to compare countries so that you can form your own opinion on which European country is the best to open your business .

It is important that you, the reader, understand that we do not want to say here what the best culture is, or which people are better than others.

Our analysis is purely commercial, that is, our view on the comparison is totally business, so, having said that, let’s go.

Spain vs Germany

To start our series of comparisons, let’s go to the attractions of each country.

How to start a business in Germany ?

Flag of Germany for the article comparing Spain with Germany in terms of business

As one of the European countries that invest the most in education, Germany stands out for having a qualified workforce .

Certainly, a Startup focused on the technology sector will need professionals who master knowledge about the main technological development platforms.

In addition, for entrepreneurs, the issue of taxes is a great attraction. Germany has one of the lowest taxes in Europe.

This information certainly weighs heavily when creating a business plan, or internationalization plan .

A major social event in Europe called Brexit ( Britain Exit or Exit of the British in Portuguese), marked the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Those who followed all this know how much this action generated economic instability, precisely because the European Union aimed to bring European countries closer in terms of business.

But what does this have to do with Germany’s attractions? The answer to that is simple.

Due to this attitude of the United Kingdom, many British companies began to look to Germany as a country to internationalize, in order to have their business in a country of the European Union.

This further increases the mix of companies in Germany, placing the country as one of the hotspots for technology in Europe and the world.

The reports of those who start a business in Germany are that, despite the latest changes in bureaucratic simplification and also in labor laws, Germany is still considered a rigid and bureaucratic country.

The bureaucracy processes for starting a company are still very much aligned with each other, that is, the entrepreneur must follow a logical and procedural line to start the company.

Certainly the country seeks this posture to avoid problems and also to guarantee transparency with everyone.

However, we know that being in a new country with a completely different language and still having to carry out so many processes can be an exhausting moment for the entrepreneur.

To detail a little more about the Entrepreneurship process in Germany , we selected a video from the Natália Ferreira channel, in which she shares her experiences on the subject:

How to start a business in Spain ?

If you thought that Spain was attractive only because the language is close to Portuguese, and also because of its natural and historical beauties, you were right, but only in parts. The Spaniards have much more to offer.

Spain has been recognized as a country of resilient people for its recent history of recovery from a major economic downturn.

Despite having suffered such an episode in 2008, Spain rose in a short time from government measures that projected investments in technology and innovation .

One of these great measures reflects precisely on the reality of Startups . Spain has given new technology companies tax and public investment exemptions .

This certainly makes the country even more attractive for those who want to internationalize, that is, expand their company on international soil.

Through the Instituto de Comércio Exterior de España , your company can receive support to carry out transactions and narrow the relationship with other European countries.

Image with the flag of Spain for the article comparing Spain with Germany

This means that, in addition to having a chance to evolve with the Spanish people, you will have at your disposal a government body willing to boost your relationship with other countries , making your borders even more open.

Spain is home to Valencia , the healthiest city in the world. That’s right, Valencia won this title and made the Spaniards proud after showing the world how their standard of living should be seen as a reference.

The pandemic has shown us the value of healthy habits, whether in the practice of sports or even in the provision of hospitals, beds, medicines and efficient treatments.

For this reason, the so-called Digital Nomads have been observing and exploring Valencia. Professionals from all over the world have bet on this city because of its natural attractions (coastal city), climate, internet access, and especially quality of life.

In addition, Valencia hosts the Startup Summit, an international event that has attracted the attention of companies from all over the world.

Another attraction of Valencia is the number of professionals recently graduated from Universities present in the city.

The portfolio of Universities located in the city is large, in addition to being recognized as the main ones in Spain.

New talents always bring a refresher to strategies, as these university students are at the forefront of innovation, dealing daily with news in all areas.

For this reason, Brazilian businessmen are increasingly interested in carrying out their exploratory internationalization plans, targeting Spanish territory.

If you want to know more practical details on how to open a company in Spain , just access this article.


As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, we don’t want to use this content to mention who is better or worse.

Every entrepreneur has their own experience, and that includes the good and bad sides of both countries. However, we know one thing, being in Europe is a great opportunity for you to build bridges with the rest of the world.

Singular Spark is here with investigative, exploratory support and also as a business partner to convey your entire internationalization process, from the initial plan, to monitoring its evolution.

Let’s talk about your company’s internationalization plan? We are at your disposal. Just send your details in our contact form so that we can start this relationship.