Focusing on Brazilian Startups , Singular Spark started its activities in order to be a bridge between the desires of entrepreneurs and the reality of opening a company in Europe, that is, internationalizing.

Founded by Felipe Borges, a professional with extensive experience in Business , Singular Spark studied the economic scenario in Europe, and formed a consultancy service specialized in internationalization , which is based on market research for the expansion of Brazilian companies on European soil.

Felipe has lived in several countries in Europe, and in addition, as he works in the field of technology applied to corporate management, he has already carried out negotiations with the entire European territory.

All this baggage related to administration, finance, logistics and management processes brought security to map the European market and identify the best places to undertake.

Where is Singular Spark Consulting located?

Currently, Singular Spark is located in Spain , in a city of great relevance, not only for Europe, but also for the world, which is Valencia .

Considered the healthiest city in the world in a ranking that compares several cities in developed countries, Valencia has become relevant for its economic activity conducive to the creation of new companies linked to the technology sector.

In addition to the favorable environment for opening new ventures, Spain has specific programs to support Startups, thus encouraging the growth of new players in the European market.

Valencia has the best universities in Europe, which represents a qualified workforce in terms of technology and innovation.

In addition, the city has been attracting the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors from the Valencia Digital Summit , one of the most relevant events in the technology sector across Europe.

Experience and Intelligence on the European market

Combining all of Singular Spark’s experience with the favorable environment present in Spain, the objective of the consultancy is to accompany the entrepreneur and lead him on a journey of immersion in the destination country.

In this journey, through methods such as MABA (Market Attractiveness Business Position Assessment) and MarketFit , Singular Spark carries out a detailed study together with Startup CEOs that is divided into 6 main pillars:

  1. Estudo econômico

In this phase, an economic study of the country is applied, evaluating the history of growth, as well as the areas of the economy that most need to be boosted.

In this economic sense, the goals of the company itself that wants to internationalize can also be observed.

We carried out a study of the company’s growth in recent years, thus setting goals for expansion.

  1. Abordagem exploratória da cultura do país

For cultural reasons, many products or services may not be welcome due to local customs or regional preferences.

For this reason, it is interesting to have a consultancy that knows the country and its cultural construction.

  1. Análise de viabilidade do produto no país escolhido

This analysis is a very important step, as it can eliminate the intention to internationalize at the beginning of the country’s prospecting period.

This is because depending on people’s habits, it is common that some types of products do not “take hold”, that is, they do not have adherence for regional reasons, or even due to disuse.

In this analysis, we study the company’s product or service, map the pains that this product solves and, thus, evaluate the compatibility of these solutions with the expectations of the target audience.

  1. Imersão de mercado (estudo de concorrência e precificação)

Undertaking with an innovative product, but in a saturated market can be an indicator of risk.

If the destination country already has a local activity full of companies that deliver the same solution and that, for this reason, have high price competitiveness, it soon becomes clear that it is impossible to undertake in the same field.

  1. Averiguação legal e burocrática

Each country has specific legislation based on its own constitutions.

Evaluating this process will give the entrepreneur an idea of how long it will take him to go through the stages of internationalization .

In addition, it will be easier to collect all the necessary documentation, as well as the amount needed to open a company in the chosen country.

  1. Plano financeiro

This is one of the most judicious phases of the plan, as it involves a thorough analysis of financial risks and opportunities.

It is analyzed at this stage, from the value of the company, its investment capital, study of fixed and variable costs for opening a company in Europe, as well as costs with professionals, bureaucracy and taxes.

This planning is also crucial to assess the feasibility of internationalization through risk analysis.

Based on these six pillars, Singular Spark conducts the internationalization plan , taking into account all aspects that may pose risks to the business.

In this way, the consultancy guarantees the viability of the company’s expansion in the European territory, reducing risks and increasing business opportunities.

What is Singular Spark’s view on the international market?

The consultancy believes in the European potential, one of the facts being the European Union (EU) which brings together dozens of countries, thus facilitating business viability, networking and sharing ideas and experiences with professionals from different cultures and economic realities.

Internationalization is much more than exporting a product to another country or doing business with international customers .

Internationalization is characterized by the company’s ability to emerge on the soil of the destination country, with the intention of seeking growth and expansion from a local movement.

Furthermore, being located in Europe itself brings more credibility to companies wishing to do business with EU countries.

Our commitment is also to turn the eyes of Brazilian entrepreneurs to the European market, since the tendency of many entrepreneurs who wish to internationalize their business is to prospect the American market.

What do you need to start your internationalization journey?

An online conversation is enough for us to map your moment as an entrepreneur and study the feasibility of your internationalization process.

By getting in touch with the Singular Spark commercial team, you will solve your first doubts about the European market, and thus clarify your vision about starting a business in Europe.

We have a work philosophy focused on data security and transparency, as we understand that internationalizing is one of the most important decisions (if not the most important) in the life of an entrepreneur who aims to grow and expand his business.

How about talking to our team to get to know your business better and your intentions with the European market?

Access our contact page, fill in your details so that we can get back in touch and schedule a conversation.