Abstartups is the focus of our content today, but first we need to understand the essence of the term Startup.

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What is a startup?

Startup is a type of company created in a simplified business model, generally focused on technology with the objective of solving the pain of some sector, process or group of people.

A startup is usually composed of a small number of people who, even being from different areas and specialties, come together with the same purpose of solving a pain through technology (AI – Artificial Intelligence).

The term Startup is recent. The last 15 years, marked by the technological explosion driven by social media, have opened space for the creation of new companies based on SaaS (Software as a Service).

The challenges faced by everyone

Like all initiatives and innovative ideas, they all end up at one time or another facing the challenges of evolution, especially in Brazil, a territory full of obstacles for those who want to undertake.

In view of this, initiatives were created in all countries to boost this new business model, initiatives of a governmental or private nature.

In Brazil, we had the rise of ABS, which through the identification of patterns of pain that were repeated among Brazilian startups, decided to create the Association that today brings growth to thousands of Startups spread across the country.

What is Abstartups?

Abstartups is the acronym adapted for Associação Brasileira de Startups, created in 2011 with the aim of boosting Brazilian startups.

The association emerged from the desire of several entrepreneurs who, realizing the lack of visibility of new technology players in Brazil, decided to create fronts for boosting, training and networking training in order to promote the evolution of these new companies.

Watch more about the Brazilian Startup Association:

What is the scenario of startups in Brazil and in the world according to Abstartups’ vision?

The association presents as justification for its mission, the great impact that startups have on job creation and economic growth in the country and in the world.

The research presented by ABS shows that in 60 countries , more than 800,000 adults were interviewed about topics related to the professional world.

The data was alarming, as it was found that only 4% of these 800,000 people were entrepreneurs, and that even being a relatively small number, these people were responsible for 38% of new jobs created .

Migrating to Brazilian data, Startup entrepreneurship (scale-ups) is responsible for 50% of new jobs .

The vision originated in this statistical diagnosis shows that the more active Startups with a drive for growth, the more job and income generation can be fostered.

Faced with the reality that every 4 startups, 1 survives the first 5 years , the Association ‘s objective is to be a “propelling spring” for the evolution of this new business, so that this numerical scenario changes, and so more startups can win. the famous period of survival .

What is the objective of Abstartups with Brazilian startups?

ABS aims to monitor the challenges and achievements of Startups throughout Brazil, in order to obtain knowledge and experience to create training programs for Brazilian Startups .

How does ABS carry out this support to Startups?

By becoming a startup associated with ABS, you enter a great network capable of connecting your idea with:

  • mentores,
  • investidores,
  • grandes empresas de tecnologia
  • além de profissionais especializados nos mais diversos segmentos.

Anyone who deals with technology knows that having connections is the key to growth.

How do I join the ABS (Brazilian Association of Sartups)?

ABS has created different plans to encourage the growth of members on its platform. Among the plans you will find:

Start Plan: Abstartups Free Plan

Start is the free plan that gives you access to the member community chat, as well as access to the ABS benefits portal, connecting you with great companies and tools.

Abstartups Growth Plan

This plan has an annual value of R$ 399.00 and can be paid in up to 12 installments of R$ 41.58 .

The plan is a great opportunity for those who want to broaden their horizons with new partnerships.

In this plan, in addition to connections with large companies, member chat and benefits portal, you will be able to participate in:

  • programa de mentoria
  • treinamento de pitch,
  • papo com o investidor
  • além de participar no Bench 360.

Abstartups Impact Plan

This is the best plans of the Associação de Startups Brasileiras (ABS). For BRL 1,499.00 (or 12x of 149.92), you have access to all the previous benefits and additional ones like:

  • Grupo de founders no Whatsapp, o qual conecta você diretamente com os diretores e CEOs das empresas parceiras
  • Participação no evento de Networking “Conexão ABStartups”
  • Além de poder ter sua marca mencionada em Colaboração com o Blog da Associação, estratégia essencial para geração de autoridade para o seu website e marca.

On this page you will be able to check more details on how to join ABS and you will also be able to follow the testimonies of some people who participate in the program.

What are the benefits of joining Abstartups?

By joining ABS, Startup will be able to share benefits and tools that are essential for the growth and dissemination of its services, such as:

  • AWS
  • Dell
  • FreshWorks
  • Hubspot for Startups
  • Pipedrive
  • Google Cloud Platform

What is the national visibility of ABS in Brazil and in the world?

One of the great ABS strategies to attract the attention of Brazilian and international investors to Brazilian Startups is the CASE event.

Annually, ABS promotes the CASE (Annual Conference on Startups and Entrepreneurship), which brings together startups, accelerator companies, professionals from the most diverse segments and investors.

In 2022, the event reaches its 9th edition, taking place between the 17th and 18th of November with themes focused on the impact and innovation that Brazilian startups cause in the world.

For more event details, you can click here .

Evolution cannot stop

Thanks to the excellent work of Abstartups, many entrepreneurs have gained focus on their projects and greater visibility of their ideas to impact the world with their services.

The association has shown the real value that Networking has in a world that contradictorily moves towards individualism.

Your company’s growth may be one step away from happening, you just need to choose the right partners to leverage your idea, or maybe even take it to other countries through internationalization .

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