Internationalization: Your bridge to the European market

With our consultancy specializing in the European market, the internationalization of your business is one step away. Break the borders and come undertake in Europe.

Do you want to start a business in Europe but don’t know where to start?

Singular Spark is here to advise you on the European market
European Union and take its products across borders
Brazilian companies with security and great perspectives.

Tell us more about your business plans and let’s
seek together the best way for you to expand
your operations into Europe.

Expand your business to

If your Startup is already consolidated in Brazil, the time has come to take even higher flights from a consultancy based on studies and calculations, which will help in your decision making and in the expansion of your business.

Singular Spark , based in Valencia – Spain, will help you to reduce risks and guide your steps to reach this incredible international market.

Services: Understand how our specialized consultancy in internationalization can help you

We have the personalized support for you to register your company, creating a subsidiary authorized to carry out operations in Europe with complete security.

We know the European culture, laws and market, which will streamline your registration process.

Virtual office
HR Management

Why should I seek the internationalization of my company?

Conquer new markets, bringing more stability and security to your business.

Look in the international market for the possibility of expanding opportunities.

Internationalization and solutions for agribusiness companies

If you’ve always dreamed of expanding your venture in the Agribusiness sector, but have always faced obstacles due to various cultural, linguistic or bureaucratic barriers, know that we are the bridge between you and your dream of expanding in Europe.

We have the administrative resources to help with your agribusiness operations in Europe.

We manage your administrative operations, opening doors and facilitating processes.

From Brazil to Spain, from Spain to Europe, from Europe to the world.


Benefits of having expert advice from
Singular Spark

With Singular Spark consulting you
will be able to set up a business base in the
Europe with full monitoring, under the
look of someone who has been working outside Latin America for more
than 20 years.

We will be with your company in all
steps of the process, being a facilitator
for its expansion.

We want to know more about your business plans. Let’s seek together the best way for you to expand your operations in Europe.

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